We offer solutions for Oil & Gas, Power, Water // Environment and Transport

 Our Vision // History

GS Automation is a company born to carry out services and technical assistance for industrial plants, by means of technical personnel mainly composed by skilled engineers in the Oil & Gas field. GS Automation started its activity with a large number of projects in Italy and abroad cooperating with the most important groups in the field of Oil & Gas and energy producer. Moreover, GS Automation is partner and official integrator of some important HW and SW suppliers. Our company is operating both inland and abroad and the company organization and method of work are based on the most advanced and internationally accepted quality standards.
GS Automation mission is the design, supply, installation, training, maintenance and technical assistance of automatic control systems for industrial plants as Oil & Gas pipelines, power production plants and water distribution networks. Furthermore, the company is also skilled to deal with the air & water monitoring control systems and building automation systems.

 Our Mission // Present & Future

The company is today involved also in the Oil & Gas, Power, Water Treatment, Telecommunication, Transportation and Logistic business area where is developing a new and innovative project management model on automatic systems.

GS Automation supports all these activities with expert technical team with specific know-how in HW, SW, Remote control, industrial and logistic organization.
A team of people with a deep international experience will support the customer care.

All projects are developed defining the involved processes with a selection and reduction of ideas and perspectives into a set of clearly defined objectives, key success criteria and evaluated risks.
A solid and experienced commercial and technical infrastructure will be able to cover all technical and commercial aspects for the complete client satisfaction.

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Products Developed

Our Team //

Engineers // Technicians // Experts
Mariano GIORGI Chairman
Mariano GIORGI Chairman
Cesare ZACCAGNINI Finance Manager
Cesare ZACCAGNINI Finance Manager
Project Manager GS Automation
Claudio SPERINDIO Operation Manager

Engineering // Operations // Maintenance // Constructions

From design to implementation of projects, GS Automation is always committed to satisfy customer needs and assist him in every aspect of a work using critical environment-specific know-how worldwide. Our company provides a range of services suited to your project requirements: products, project management, supply and logistics, installation and commissioning, training, maintenance, remote and onsite technical assistance.


    • Easy SCADA
    • Wi-Fi Data Acquisition System for Ex Areas // DAAS
    • Access Control System
    • RFID Assessment Software
    • Well Control Software
    • Compression control System
    • Fiscal Meter Telereading


    • Assistance
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Manpower
    • Basic // Detailed // Multidisciplinary Engineering
    • Acquisition and data process
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Prototype Creation
    • Industrial Assessment
    • Monitoring // Control
    • Procurement
    • Supply // Testing // Start-Up
    • Commissioning // Decommissioning
    • Operation Management
    • Integration of Systems


    • Automatic Control
    • Fire & Gas
    • SCADA // PLC
    • DCS // ICSS // ESD
    • Telemetry // Metering
    • Load Sharing and Shedding
    • Project Management Consulting // PMC
    • Engineering Procurement Construction // EPC
    • Performance Preservation
    • Businessflow Development
    • Plant Efficiency Improvement


    • Automation
    • Telecommunications
    • Information & Communications Technology // ICT
    • Instrumentation
    • Power
    • Logistics




Case Histories

What we do best.

Research & Development // TRAINING


Innovation is vital in our sector. For this reason, we are always committed in developing and finding pioneering solutions.
We believe in research as a base of improvement.



The lines between R&D and training are often very blurred. We are concerned with both aspects and their intersection points. This hybrid approach allows us to keep on growing and laying the foundations for your future.



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